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A halt on breaking news between two maths’ exercices

Hi, folks ! It’s been almost one month since I’ve posted something here. Well, let me first express how much blogging missed me, but I really couldn’t do anythning to continue writing, because of the excessive learning rythm, that we do have to go through in this crucial year of baccalaureate.

Initially, the purpose of this modest chronicle is to reflect my opinions on the considerable amount of issues that surrounded Morocco and the world in this past month. I don’t intend to have a global coverage, as I’ll just try to gather my thoughts and feelings.

First, a look on Moroccan situation :

  • The partial legislatives, or how the Modernity and Authenticity party collapsed : I don’t want to give too much attention to something that doesn’t really worth (We all know how politics remain so predictable down here), although there are some conclusions that you can easily draw from the facts : Lower participation rate (27%), « notables » winning over politicians… It’s no big deal, and corruption is still there. Adding anything else to that would be a politician rhetorics.
  • The scandal of the pedophilic fatwa : No need to say at what extent it was a shock for all Moroccans, including me, to discover that there is a guy called Al-Maghrawi, a self-proclaimed « Cheikh », that justifies marriage of 9-aged girls. Humm… Though it really sounds like a bad joke, it’s a possibility within the current Moudawwana (check all legal aspects in this post of Ibn Kafka). The authorities’ decision to ban the association doesn’t make the point, in my opinion. What we need is to encourage moderate ulemas, and the State should make spreading moderate Islam a priority, to stop this ultraconservative wave. In order to eradicate those medieval infrigements of human rights, with the children’s innocence being threatened…
  • Yassine Bellassal’s case : Arrested for tags against the Monarch and the governement (the alleged « Allah, al-Watan, al Barça » isn’t so sure), this baccalaureate student from Ait Ourir, and champion in karate, was sentenced to one year and half of prison. As usual, a movement in the blogoma has been launched to support him, and many groups were created on Facebook. Finally, he was temporarily released yesterday… Obviously, it’s another case of speech freedom being threatened, and judgs racing in order to get more advantages. That’s what I’ve written first on the walls of facebook groups immediately after hearing the news : « So upsetting ! I wonder if those judges are human beings with flesh and blood or just puppets unable to disobey to unfair orders. Hchouma w 3ar ! Is injustice a fatality in Morocco ? I tend to believe that it’s actually a fact, rather than a temporary dark cloud… ». And here is my comment at Mounir’s blog : « Hey guys, didn’t you notice that people are nowadays arrested for futile acts ? I guess there are no serious crimes, that’s why Moroccan justice is making a fixation on « sacralities’ infringement ».Wake up, judges ! And do your job honestly instead of ridiculously charging innocents, and making the reputation of your country less and less enviable. » Finally, Yassine got a provisional release. Hope he’ll be acquitted, but I guess it will happen again and again, unless a radical change occur.
  • Commemoration of Ben Barka’s kidnapping : Yesterday, it was the 43rd commemoration of Mehdi Ben Barka‘s disparition, the UNFP great leader, and the proud altermondialist. May universal Justice (if it exists) punish those who took part in the horrible conspiracy, those who hid and are still hiding the truth about his assassination.

Then, an overview of main events that happened all over the World :

  • Economy in crisis : Too much comments have been made on this great issue, and as I’m not a specialist, I can just recommend you these posts : at une marocaine’s blog, here and there, and at Anouss’ blog here. Briefly, I think that this crisis shows how much liberalism in economy can be dangerous, and that the stock markets need to be connected to real economy. No more deregulation ! I also believe that all executives of financial institutions that failed should be fired.
  • Whistles on La Marseillaise : When France’s national anthem has been exposed to whistles in the football match France-Tunisia, played in Stade de France, an enormous controversy was triggered. French officials reacted in a inappropriate -not to say reactionary- way. As far as I’m concerned, I think it is NOT a political matter, and politicians are mistaken when they comment such acts that are really common in sports, and totally disconnected from any ideology.
  • US elections : I’ll come back to them soon in a separate post, because I have a lot to say…


  1. US politics rock !!!!

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