Publié par : Spy Jones | janvier 30, 2009

Halfway, and how confusion sucks…

At the end of semester, it’s usually time to review the past’s achievements and mistakes, and to make the point over future perspectives. Still, it’s difficult to do that when you can’t even have a break, bothered like me by some stupid red-tape formalities, necessary to apply for French CPGE.

Talking about bureaucracy, I finally got over ours, the genuine Moroccan one, materialized in « Al-Amn Al-Watani ». So, did I say, I finally took my national card, after a six-months fight . You know, we should always be proud of our police, and keep it’s achievements as a proof of civilizational advance. Right now, I can see you staring at me, and shouting « Since what ?? ». Since it’s the ONLY administration in the world where this fact could happen : Two guys are applying for the national identity card. The first submits his papers on November 19th. The second submits them on December 31th. Guess who get his CIN first ? The second !!

Isn’t it incredible ? Don’t bother thinking of a coincidence, I checked it out. And last time I checked, there could’nt possibly be any reasonable explanation to this fact, unless you admit randomness… A more hazardous fact is that they didn’t even print my address correctly (replacing a ‘d’ with a ‘s’). After all that, they show up on TV with confindence and self-satisfaction saying that « a progress has been made, blabla… ». You’ve no idea !  😀

Back to France’s tricky procedures, I would have told you my story if it wasn’t boring that much. Just keep in mind that I can’t anymore apply for any French institution for this year, due to the lack of information… Their telephonic standard works practically once a week, their e-mail answers are stereotyped. Never mind, I didn’t really consider the alternative of studying there from now, it was more like a backup plan. Now, I’m focused on having good marks at the National exam, especially in maths and physics. Wish me good luck, buddies !

This bill won’t be complete if I don’t talk, even a little bit, about politics. Let’s see then :

  • At a national scale, M6 has been struggling to explain his decision of not being at Doha’s summit. He tried to look like a refuznik, criticizing Arab leaders and calling for an effective support to Palestinians. Well, stopping relations with Venezuela is a good start ! :).
  • More recently, PJD’s crisis (71 members leaving it, the unsure situation of Meknes mayor Boubker Belkora)  is showing how much the party is affected, even if it’s not gangrened like other parties.
  • As a friend of mine told me, Simon Levy, a member of the PPS, was invited by Abdessamad Bencherif at « Tayyarate » on 2M, and charged Hamas of being responsible of Gaza’s war ! He legitimated Israeli attacks and briefly confirmed that « Jews all over the world should help their brothers in Israel ». What a shame ! I know there are Moroccan Jews that are supporting Gaza  like Sion Assidon, but are they majority or minority ? A poll would have helped, though it could be so dangerous…
  • I truly appreciated Erdogan’s argument with Peres, that children slaughterer. Erdogan was so self-confident in front of Peres harsh attacks, defending Palestinians of Gaza…

PS : For those who are interested, my semester’s marks were excellent, thank God ! Even if a teacher’s daughter had her marks rised up so she was ranked the first… The kind of injustices that you find exclusively in Morocco, I’m afraid. 😦



  1. Good work budy.

    Have a rest and go back to the front. Wish you good luck.

  2. Thanks bud !

  3. One more week to complete my survey on the Blogoma, Moroccan culture, and censorship (it will take about 15 minutes):
    Thanks in advance for your valuable input!

    Une semaine de plus pour compléter mon enquête sur la Blogoma, culture marocaine, et la censure (il faudra environ 15 minutes):
    Merci d’avance pour votre précieuse participation!

    تنتهي الدراسة في أسبوع واحد :

  4. Congrats on a successful semester!

  5. Thanks !

    I liked this survey because it’s concise and global at the same time…

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