Publié par : Spy Jones | juin 9, 2009

Blues and Greens up, Orange and Pink down

It may be too simplist, but that’s what the results were like last Sunday, when European citizens went to cast the ballots of European Elections all across the 27 countris. Actually, just 43.55 % of them voted, deepening the abstention ratio, probably due, according to French media, to the feeling that some people have : « Brussels is far away from our daily life ». Well, they don’t know what they’re missing, since major economic decisions are made by the European Commision, under the control of European Parliament. So those MPs take part into the major guidelines of the economy and laws of the Union. Besides, European elections are not so mediatized, and some haven’t even heard anything about them. Finally, some parties try to turn it out to a national debate, and focuse only on national concerns, which can sometimes upset people, tired of politicians continuous arguments.

Personnally, I could only follow the debate in France. The main lists that were battling in 8 circonscriptions for the 72 seats were : UMP-Nouveau Centre (presidential majority), PS, MoDem, Europe Ecologie, Front de gauche, Nouveau parti anticapitaliste, Front National, Lutte Ouvrière, Libertas. I especially watched a debate called « A vous de juger », shown on France 2 and moderated by Arlette Chabot. The idea was to confront the two big parties UMP vs. PS, then Europe-écologie vs. MoDem, Front de Gauche vs. NPA and FN vs. Libertas. I had previously some sympathy to both the NPA and Front de Gauche, as I got turned out from the PS after watching its pathetic collapse. Olivier Besancenot is someone I listen to very carefully, and I agree with his combat to defend workers against the arrogant ccorporations that pump money for the State and release an increasing numbers of employees, paying the rest just enough to live. The Front de Gauche, in the other is somewhat more strucutured, and makes elaborate propositions. The PS also tries to show as extremely criticizing the economically liberal policies of UMP, but it doesn’t convince so much people. Here is the topo : the Left, although in accordance with the people’s majority, is extremely divided, while the UMP unfies the right, discreditting FN and Libertas, which seem like « groupuscules ». I think I don’t have to mention that I can’t stand Bayrou of the MoDem, also known as the best « double langage » practicer. Furthermore, he disgusted me, when he brutally insulted Daniel Cohn-Bendit from Europe Ecologie.

Last Sunday, the results were announced gradually, and as minutes passed, the rate of votes for the PS continuously shrank, becaming equal to that of Europe Ecologie which has realized an excellent performance (directed mainly by Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Eva Joly and José Bové). Une sacrée déculottée ! The MoDem also was terribly destroyed making only 8 % … Some « mauvais perdants » like that racist LePen who invoked the film « Home » as an electoral bias, but let’s make it clear : Europe Ecologie has got so many votes, because it did a good campaign, a campaign on European matters, not on old stupid shit genre : « Immigrants are taking our work ». Adding to that, UMP was [unfortunately] the biggest winne, getting 28% of the votes. Here are the detailed results, compared to those of 2004, alongwith the results in the wole European Union:

PS : I dont know why but our municipal elections are really less inspiring to me. Probably because there is no real goal, and things will keep going on as usual… but I promise I’ll write a post on that event !


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